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that last point of yours seems to be a personal opinion since many people believe Rec to be a great movie.

The dubbing job for Rec was actually decent, it didnt feel like i was watching an old godzilla movie at all, you seem to forget that Spanish is a way easier language to translate than Japanese. The voice actors did a really great job in conveying the emotions of the characters in the movie and managed to not turn Rec into a parody of itself. And the fact that it includes a decent dubbing really makes the remake seem that much more pointless.

with the grudge or the ring I can understand why they would want to "Americanize" it, but they really had no reason to for REC. And they didnt even do a decent job of "Americanizing" it since it was basically a shot for shot remake (with few exceptions) of REC.

Im not sure which one is selling better, I know more people interested in REC than Quarantine and are having a hard time getting their hands on a copy of it, whether it be because its not distributed as well as its American counterpart (which is usually the only reason why Quarantine would make more) or because most rental places have all their copies checked out. Probably the first since foreign films arent usually accepted as well, and since America has the "Buy American" mentality..

In no way is Quarantine superior to Rec. Wait... it does star that chick from Dexter... So that about evens it out then I suppose? :P
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