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Thanks for the comments all... glad to see you guys love the show and miss it just as much as I do. It really was unique and absolutely brilliant.

Originally Posted by goblyn View Post
Are Pete and Pete episodes on DVD yet?
Yep, as stated at the end of the article, the first two seasons of the show are on DVD. Still hope season 3 comes out sometime, just not counting on it.

Originally Posted by Ex Leper View Post
I wasn't allowed to watch in Living Color, but Pete & Pete is is my top 3 greatest shows of ALL TIME! This is by far favorite episode after "Nightcrawlers". I'm happy that you took one of my suggestions for your site. Thanks again!
Absolutely, I love the show and had it on DVD and was meaning to cover this episode for years, so I'm glad I finally had time to do so! I also always liked the episodes "Field of Pete" (what with the Orange Lazarus) and, of course, "When Petes Collide" (Artie vs. Bowling Ball is something I never forgot).

Originally Posted by MrWarranty View Post
That said, great write-up and I'm glad to see Pete & Pete getting its due. I only wish you'd do more horror movie moments! You used to churn them out several times a week during this time of year! What gives? (Been reading the site for about 6 years now.)
Glad you enjoyed the write-up and thanks for sticking with the site for six years or so. As for horror movie moments, while this isn't really the place to be asking about them, the simple fact is that I'm way busier these days and there's less help at the moment. First off, I wasn't the only one "churning them out several times a week" as you said, the other writers did them too when I was working on larger pieces. Max Burbank has been absent the past two months, and Protoclown has been all but gone as well. That leaves just me and Dr. Boogie to write most of the articles on the site this season, so I've been busy working on larger pieces like this rather than the smaller Greatest Horror Moments articles to give everybody the most bang for their Halloween buck. I also have a new show, Doc Mock's Movie Mausoleum, that airs live every Friday night and we've been doing Halloween episodes all month long, so that eats up plenty of my time each week as well.
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