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Let's not kid ourselves here Pete & Pete is the ONLY good live action show nick ever produced. Don't believe me? Go back and watch ANY of the others now that you are an adult and see if you can enjoy them. Before you metion You Can't Do That on Television, understand that it unfortunately doesn't hold up either and regardless was a canadian program that nick simply aired.

That being said Pete & Pete is possibly the greatest television show ever produced. The actors were simply left to their own devices, allowed to create their own characters... something that is noticably absent with current children's television. More importantly the writers seemed to inheriantly know what things are awesome to kids, and even more impressively which things are still considered awesome by those kids when they become adults. That is probably the reason we all love it as this site is dedicated to childish things we find so awesome that we won't give them up due to age.

I particularly liked the halloween episode myself. I remember nodding in agreement to their "lectures" in that one as I still do to this day. At the time I was one of those kids getting a little to old to trick or treat, but this episode convinced me to go and I continued to go well into adulthood until my halloween prop building replaced my urge to trick or treat.

My favorite episode was the summer one about Mr. Tastie though.
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