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I particularly like the number two kill, but I've always interpreted michaels reaction to be that of an artist admiring his work...which I guess is pretty much what you said, so I'll shut up. It was that little tilt of the head though that makes michael my favourite screen slasher...there is something purely evil about him...and the fact that nick castle played him in one of the sequels and also directed one of my fav childhood films "the boy who could fly" is just so sweet...
As for the new halloween...I have mixed feelings. I'm not particularly one who regards texts as sacrosanct, even though the original halloween is in my top five horror films...there is both much that is not great (young michael just wasn't scary...old michael was too big and kind of detracted from what I thought was always cool about michael, that he was this seemingly normal individual who is anything but)...but I also find much to enjoy...I like scout taylor compton's laurie, and thought the ending with her losing her shit like marilyn burns at the end of texas was really effective. I absolutely love the tableaux after young michael kills his family. I thought mrs. Zombie was great; I really felt for her. I thought the killing of the michaels sister, though not as iconic as the original had a nice brutality to it. Its fair to say I have mixed feelings, but the shape will always be my main go to guy for slaughter...
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