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I went and saw this movie with some friends at a Drive-in theater (I had a DD) and we had a cooler of beverages to get us through this monstrosity (I wanted to see the new Terminator movie which was the second part of the double feature). I pledged to take a drink every time Shia or any other crappy actor/actress said something bumbling, inane, sophomoric, or unfunny and suffice it to say, I am quite sure I was quite tipsy 25 minutes into the movie. The only upside is I was able to time subsequent bathroom breaks for everytime people started talking the rest of the movie. Even devoid of a good portion of the dialogue the movie was still hard to watch and once Sam's parents were caught in Egypt, ducking and diving in slo-mo, and his dad had started shouting, "I'M GOING WITH YOU!" with cheesy instumentals in the background I nearly entered a coma.

I sadly remember very little about T4 thanks to this movie, although I suspect I was not overly impressed/borderline let down.

Days later my friends and I placed a bet on whether the next movie will have a Spanish talking, salsa dancing bot who transforms from a Taco Stand and hotwires cars or a slanty-eyed bot that can't pronounce its "Rs" that transforms into a rice cooker. BECAUSE IT'S OKAY IF THEY ARE ROBOTS (sarcasm). I'm quite sure "Revenge of the Fallen" is the closest I will come to seeing contemporary blackface in cinema.

This movie made me caress and cradle my VHS copy of the real Transformers movie for dear life:-( It's quite sad that even with Proto's lengthy and accurate analysis of the movie we could all easily find pages of additional faults...
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