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This was blatently retarded. Ignoring the obvious stuff like the grinches and the clothes (they DID have shore leave clothes on the show ya know and they didn't look like rejected buck rogers costumes) christmas is NOT celebrated in starfleet... at least not in such a widespread way.

Why? Because star trek revolves around an evolved human race. In other words ridiculous nonsense like religion is all but extinct not by force, but by choice. The closest thing we ever saw were some visions of a victorian Xmas by picard in Generations and a forth-wall joke involving Q where the enterprise was essentially turned into the hallmark christmas ornament. Also the fact that roddenberry and 1/3 of the original series cast were jewish kind of made it dumb to do a christmas episode.

Long story short, the only holidays you ever see on star trek are alien holidays, because star trek is human-centric and is made out to show all alien races as primitative and/or inferior in some way. Seriously, star trek is specist.

It's amazing this comic ever got released as now days the paramont guys are real sticklers for "Cannon".
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