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Well I do, and the sales for Order of Ecclesia far outshone Judgement, and in all likelihood, Order of Shadows will be outdone by whatever the next 2D Castlevania is. And it's fun.

It's just like any other 2D series. The basic gameplay remains the same; the big changes are made to things like enemy design, level layouts, weapon usage, and things like that. Think about the Contra series: you move through each 2D level grabbing one of a handful of recurring weapons and shoot the hell out of everything. With the exception of the few ill-fated 3D games in that series, they've managed to keep things fresh by tweaking the weapons and giving you new enemies and boss fights.

Anyway, you really are missing out by not trying the newer Castlvanias. Super Metroid has a good system going for it, but I enjoy Castlevania's take on it because there's more variation in the kinds of things you can find (weapons, powerups, etc). Also, I always found it annoying the number of times you had to shoot a small, randomly-selected piece of the wall in order to find things in Metroid.
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