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I was five when Pac-Man showed up, and, of course, like everyone else, I became completely addicted to the little yellow bastard. The t-shirts, the hats, board game, cereal and ice cream bars, oh, yes, I had them. Let's not forget all the coloring and activity books, or the books on cassette. I had those, too. You could say I had 'Pac-Man Fever'. Yes, I knew the song, and sang along whenever I heard it. I watched the cartoon faithfully on Saturday mornings, and when we got our Atari 2600, what was the first game we got? No, not Space Invaders. Pac-Man! Many, many days, weeks, months and years were spent at home or somewhere the arcade version was, trying to beat this game. Did it ever happen? Will it ever happen? Hell no! Not for me! I was once obsessed, but I finally broke free! I'll play on occasion now, but I know that it's time to walk away when smoke starts pouring out my ears, and I hear Pac-Man talking to me. Don't listen to the wakka-wakka-wakka. NEVER listen to the wakka-wakka-wakka! It's evil!!
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