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I don't normally give a strong opinion of the comic reviews, but I can't reccomend this series enough! Absolutely fantastic! Even if you didn't like the original FvJvA you'll like this one because it feels less like a detached "cash in" like the FvJ film was and more of an integrated sequel to the nightmare and friday movies. It has an over-the-top quality that you would never see in a feature film and thus really takes advantage of the comic book genre, which the first series really didn't.

About the Jason leading an army complaint. Personally I found that to be the most refreshing part of the book. Jason has never really evolved as a character over the past 30 or so years, so him going about his killings not to avenage his mother or protect the lake but rather jsut because he wants to, was a nice change. I also found the fact that they fought in the film and the first comic rather tedious. Jason may not be a murderous child molester like freddy, but he really isn't the "victim" they portray either. He's somewhere in-between. The two have too much in common to constantly battle for no reason. While Jason shouldn't be giving freddy big hugs or anything, his goals should really make him indifferent to freddy's plans. Jason doesn't kill for power or sport like freddy, he just kills... he's like a force of nature. Now them disagreeing and ultimately fighting I get... but there isn't really a need for some ill-concieved trickery to have them both killing people in the same area.

I think this has a lot to do with the influence of the original FvJ (the film) producers, directors and authors. They go on record very much about saying they are team Jason all the way and find him to be the superior killer and thus made him the "hero" and gave him all the best kills, ultimately letting him "win" the final showdown. That's just blatently WRONG. Freddy is superior to Jason in almost every way. It's like comparing the Classic Dracula to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Both are classic and teriffic franchises in their own right, but one has Bella giving the performance of a lifetime and the other has a dude in some rubber suit. Likewise Friday films have a tall guy in a hockey mask vs the master thespian that is Robert Englund. I love both franchsies to no end, but it's apparent that Freddy is a true and original villian while Jason is just another generic, masked killer, no different than Mike Myers, The scream killers, the "Bloody Valentine Miner" or what have you. The fact that Jason is undoubtedly the best and most inhuman of these random masked killers is the only thing that has given him such staying power. Well that and Kane Hodder. ;-)

Anyway my point is Jason doing something unexpected and slightly out of character is a GOOD thing as this never really happened his entire 30 years of existance. Time to evolve a bit I think.
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