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I love this game, I think its great, Specially considering the lack of decent survival horror games these days.

Overall this review is more or less spot on except for 2 things:

First thing is the combat, which didn't explain that even if you do run all the "possessed" people run faster then Alan. The biggest issue is Alan can only sprint for a short time, which is fine considering he's not an athlete, or a soldier, he's a guy who makes a living behind a typewriter. But when you're trying to get away, and you think you've gotten some distance on your foes just to get whacked in the back of the skull with whatever they're carrying and find that they've still right up behind you, well, that's a little annoying. Couple that issue with the fact that your dodge button is tied to the same button you'll be trying to sprint with and you'll quickly notice how frustrated you are that your wasting your breath ducking and weaving when your trying to just flat out get away. It gets pretty frustrating.

Second thing is the last paragraph makes the game sound like all our doing is collecting things, which isn't entirely true. Sure, you'll be picking up the things mentioned, but you'll only be going out of your way to do that if your an achievement whore (which I'm a card carrying member). This game is more about the story then any thing else and it's perfectly plausible to get the full experience of the game without collecting any of the things the achievements ask for, the things being asked for only really add flavor to the game and its environment.

The plot hole mentioned, to me, didnt seem like a big deal, specially when there are 2 more "episodes" (the game is broken down into what appears to be TV episodes, like your favorite TV show, which i found was a great idea instead of the regular level or free roam formats) that are supposed to explain more about whats going on with Alan after the end of the game proper (I've played The Signal, but haven't played The Writer yet -It hit XBL on tuesday and I downloaded it last night).
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