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I thought the sound quality is pretty amazing. The atmosphere of the game is very very dark most of the time and the sound plays an important role in the scares you'll encounter. I'm not at all reluctant to say that I jumped pretty high when looking around, with no possessed guys coming after me yet, and had what i figured was a racoon knocking over trash cans. The sound and the event were timed so perfectly that even a seasoned vet like me was startled. The voice acting is also pretty great, but some character (well.. really only one) might grate your nerves -but only because the characters personality calls for it.

The games video quality is mixed. It does the darkness (which is the bulk of the game) great but when it comes time for the sun to be out it gets a little grainy. The only problem I had with the darkness portions was that, even with the best flashlight, it was impossible to see sometimes, which I suppose was supposed to add to the atmosphere that Alan was kinda screwed.
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