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thing is the original director finished his movie, his vision, but when he submitted his final product to the producers or whatever, they wanted way more over the top "modern" type scares, ect. So they fired him, hired a new director to salvage what he could and film their changes to make a better scarier more what they wanted movie. And that second version is the one you saw. Exorcist the Begining.

The abject failure of that movie caused the producers (or whoever owend it at that point) to allow the original director to release his original version of the film, which was finished anyway.

That one was retitled Dominion: the prequel to the Exorcist. It is not a perfect movie, but it is far and away better than the "perfected" version. The original directors vision was more tame, more subtle, and far and away a better story. This sadly got released to DVD only into mostly obscurity.

If you've seen this movie floating around but didnt know what it is, now you do. Dr. BOogie, I challenge you to watch Dominion: The prequel to the Exorcist, and anyone else to see an example of modern power struggles in the movie buisness.

Basicly the same cast, same sets, similar story, different directors, different movies. Dominion almost makes up for watching Exorcist the Beginning.
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