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I got to agree, Freddy is the best, I know because I was also a big fanatic of him when I was a kid even when my mom forbade me to watch the movies. Still seeing him on Mtv, on merchandise and commercials I knew he was a bad ass. I did catch the first on black and white TV in my room, it was the one with UHF dial and antennaes. The movie was of course cut down but I had to see more, me and my cousin snuck into the theater to see Dream Warriors and I became a freak for Freddy. I just watched all parts 1 to 6 straight through only to eat, drink and piss, I feel like my eyes are going to fall out of my damn head! Going to watch "New Nightmare" and "Freddy Vs. Jason" also. Still my favorite kill is #6, that is the most awesome, cool, kill scene in any horror movie. A hot naked blonde chick trapped in a sea through water bed beckoning and then Freddy cock blocks by turning him into shredded beef. Cool!
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