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Let's see. Well. I'm a huge fan of Wierd Fiction. I love reading the staples of the Cthulhu Mythos, like HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and am currently reading an omnibus of Robert E. Howard short stories. I love the Conan the Barbarian trade paperbacks that Dark Horse has been rereleasing lately. I've got all of those thus far. Loving the new Walking Dead show on AMC - been reading those TPBs for years.
Just started playing World of Warcraft again recently after a several month hiatus. I'm still up in the air about buying the new expansion in December. Maybe.
Last good book I read was "Psycho: The True Story of Ed Gein the Butcher of Plainfield." Very good read. I bought a Nook from Barnes and Noble back in September. I'm always looking for good reads to download on that.
Playing Mafia II on the XBox 360 when I get the chance. I've been wanting the Zombie Expansion DLC for Red Dead Redemption. Loves me some zombies.
Can't go wrong with history. I've got a BA in History from the University of MS, and I really geek out on Japanese History or the evolution of weaponry. Pointy things, things that go boom. Watching the battle scenes of Braveheart is like sex to me.
I've got some manga and anime that I bought when I was a huge geek back in high school. It's dwindling these days as I lose interest in some of the more fringe stories. I generally like the off the wall, slapstick type stuff. You know, big eyes, gigantic titties, silly stuff. Always good for a laugh.
Oh, one of my favorite TPB series is Hellboy or BPRD. I hit that stuff hard after I first saw the Hellboy movie.
I love old comedy/horror movies. Think about all the old movies they used to show on USA's Up All Night. Night of the Demon, Monster High, Zapped Again - junk like that.
I like B movies from the 70s. Just about ANY Charles Bronson movie. I recently watched an AWFUL Chuck Norris movie from the 70s called Breaker Breaker, where he's a Zen Truck Driver. Absolutely awful. I loved it.
I paint Warhammer Fantasy miniatures. Well, that is to say, I have an army, and I have alot of paint, but they're so damned tiny! If I'd get my stuff together and paint it, it'd be fantastic - 2000 point Dwarf army "The Iron Hill Underborers."

That's all I can think about for the moment. I'm pretty dull I suppose.
Thank GOD for my massive genitals.

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