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Old Mar 9th, 2011, 06:28 AM        2011 NCAA Football Thread

Apparently, Tressel knew about the tatoo thing since April.

His defense as I read it elsewhere was he was informed of this at the time by a lawyer via letter and thought is was supposed to be part of a later deposition so he kept quiet.

All that being said, he did get a sizable fine and a 2 game suspension. The writer of the previous article is whining though saying he should be fired and that other coaches would have been.

How often do coaches get fired though over things like this? Not very, and there are violations all the time. They didn't fire Dick Rod from MU for his practice violations. (he had to suck for multiple seasons to get fired) I can't help but notice Gene Chizik is still employed after the Cam Newton thing. To say other coaches would be fired is an absurd anti OSU agenda driven statement. And where was this 'journalist' when Pete Caroll ran like a coward to the NFL mere days before the NCAA dropped the hammer on USC? I don't recall seeing any take from Dick Weiss, or anyone else in the sports media for that matter, on what was clearly a coach fleeing from what he caused. At least Tressel stayed and faced the NCAA, he didn't suddenly take a job at San Fransisco.
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