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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

The single player is pretty much Ass Creed 2 with a better city and a less interesting story. Still good, but it's not as engrossing the second time around. The multiplayer isn't anything to write home about, which is a shame, because Ubisoft were probably hoping it'd justify charging 50 dollars for what's functionally an expansion pack.

It reminds me a lot of Bloody Good Time's Hunt gamemode, only you can't really fight back against your pursuers; you just have to run your ass off and hide. Then when you do hide, you can expect them to pinpoint your location immediately and stab you in the face, since everyone has a compass that points them directly to their target, and anyone with a working brain can tell who is and isn't an NPC with only a cursory glance. You can also expect to kill a lot of people, but it's so fucking easy to do since they can't resist or really escape with any reliability, why bother?

I thought the concept of a primarily stealth-based multiplayer game wouldn't really work that well, since sneaking games generally rely on retarded, legally blind enemy NPCs, but Ubisoft fumbled it worse than I imagined they would.

Nobody talks, either. I guess silence is preferable to a middle-schooler girlishly cooing the word "faggot" at you over and over again, but it makes me feel like nobody really gives a shit.
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