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Old May 16th, 2011, 10:28 AM        Forced redirects from google links
When I google something and click on a result link with my work laptop, 40% of the time it'll take me to some unrelated fake search site with ads disguised as search results, and another 40% of the time I'll get this bullshit:

I asked my boss about it, and he claims the company is using DyneDNS to help our idiot users not fuck their shit up on a daily basis, but something stinks here. It shouldn't be blocking me from Wikipedia, Youtube, or I-Mock, and the address for this page looks hell of suspicious.

This is obnoxious as dog shit since I usually just google websites to get to them as fast as possible, but I also think there's something seriously wrong with my computer.

Oh, and sometimes when I'm browsing or just let an IE window sit open for too long, a popup will pop up right the fuck out of nowhere for another of those fake search engines.

I've run Malwarebytes a couple of times and deleted everything it didn't like, but this redirect crockery won't stop. The fuck's happening?
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