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Old Jun 3rd, 2011, 10:55 AM        Drunk bitches barfing on you.
Ever have it happen? I have, numerous times. I think it's fucking gross but I'm usually drunk to so it's kind of funny.

One time when I was at some senior party in highschool, The chick who owned the house had a mad crush on me and she was ok but I had been with my girlfriend for a long time. Turned out my girlfriend was a dirty whore and I had dumped her prior.

So anyways, we're in the shower dicking around and what not, and she's on her knee's begging me to sling a spoonful of oatmeal down her throat, and I feel *kinda* bad because i'm not nearly as drunk as this chick. However I don't give a shit.

So she's saying things like "Come on... hurry..." moaning all sexily, and I think she really just wanted me to hurry up because the next thing I knew she totally barfed on my cock, balls and down my legs. There was so many chunks of shit on me it was disgusting. Like huge leafy lettucey things.

So I stepped over her, washed my dick and nuts and everything off and left her face down in a chunky puke stew because the barf had clogged the drain.

I remember being pretty drunk and stoned so when she was barfing I don't even think it phased me, I was just watching her. I think it was because I was already in the shower. Cool huh?
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