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Originally Posted by Starscream View Post
Your not really saying it is at all but its worth noting that Operation Raccoon City isn't a sequel to Resident Evil, its more of a alternate reality Left 4 Dead-ish (like you mentioned) side thing. And the only reason I'm saying its alternate reality is because of the prospect of doing certain things that will make other things in the RE Universe never happen (But I won't spoil the event for anyone who may not know).
It's still disappointing to me because it seems like a step in the wrong direction. A big part of the horror comes from being alone. They compromised this big time in 5, and I just can't see myself being scared at all in this one. the 3DS maybe meant as something more in line with the series as a whole, but they still intend for O:RC to be a Resident Evil game.

I don't believe Capcom's ever had anything to do with Dead Island and I can't find anything off hand that says they ever did. That said, Square-Enix will be publishing this one for Deep Silver.
That's correct, I was so caught up with the DR2 comparison that I mistakenly said it was Capcom publishing it, whereas it's really Square-Enix.
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