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Believe it or not, New Line did liscense a GOOD Freddy makeup kit back in the day. it was expensive though, like 30-40 bucks. I used it when I was in 4th grade, and it was awesome! I wish I still had the pics!

It was a foam latex piece and it covered the full face. (It was by the same company that did those awesome foam latext reaper, witch, and devil makeup kits back in the day.) Even came with a (shitty) fedora! The sculpt was based on the actual makeup from nightmare 4, so it looked pretty darn authentic and the kit came with a full 10 color makeup kit, so you could actually blend it like it looked in the film (IF you had the skill and patience to do so.)

For some odd reason though they only sold it for about two seasons and then I never saw it again.

It's pretty sad because to this day it's the best freddy makeup kit I've ever seen aside from these new-fangled 500+ dollar slip-on masks.
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