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Today's horror movies play out too realistically that for me all is lost. We have enough roaming murderers, sociopaths, etc in society that we don't need them on the big screen in the same capacity. Horror films in the past I feel balanced things well, enough that it wasn't too realistic that they ended up polarizing film goers. I like a little humor, a little scare, and some action. Sometimes, I don't even mind being messed with some and occasionally have an ultra serious horror film. However, today's horror films are just torture porn and at times too realistic and show too much - relying on heavily computer manipulated special effects or gags that results in too many visual thrills that keep you from appreciating everything else that completes the film. It's like stuffing yourself full of your favorite concession stand candy and chugging too much soda - you aren't going to feel too good at the end.

I love Fright Night. It has the right level of cheese, seriousness, interesting special effects choices, and nostalgic paybacks. The cast chemistry is good. The acting is not by any means like Oscar worthy but it fits the movie well. Very much a classic in my film library.

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