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Figure why not liven up this section?

So my girlfriend of a year and some change has decided to go her seperate way. She say's it's because of school and work and she doesn't have time for a relationship. This is her:

This is an early picture of us, about a year ago. The relationship only got better and better. We never fought, we had a great sex life, she was NORMAL, she let me do whatever I wanted, if she came over and we were playing poker she'd let me finish! Then if I wanted to come in the room afterwards and play some Gears she'd be like "Babe you know I don't care, I love you".

It was fucking madness. Never has a relationship been so good.

Now, I've been with some absolutely beautiful girls. Some that are beyond a level of foxiness comprehendable by man. For example, the last chick I met in Seattle was not only a mega-fox but she was smart as hell. She was the embassador to the University of Washington and right now she's working on becoming the supervisor at the EPA in Seattle. And her body was INCREDIBLE. Curvy and in shape. She teaches yoga on the weekends. She was also funny and was a BOSS at super Mario World (but come on, who isn't.)

This is her:

I don't ever brag about my sexual conquests or my love life in general. I'm a very private person when it comes to that sort of thing, but there are always many levels of insanity to women based on their rank on the babe scale. For example, that girl, the EPA babe from Seattle, let me know 4 months into our relationship that she was going through a divorce. I asked when. She say's "Well he hasn't signed the papers yet".

I'm like... "Son. Wat." But I really liked her, and I tried to cope with all of it. Turns out she wasn't ready for the divorce and things just spiraled. She was manipulative and changed her mind about everything every other minute. I said "Fuck this" and moved back home. She calls me every once in a while and sends me a picture of her butt or something but I don't really care.

Anyways, the girl in the picture up top is Katie, and I loved her more than anything. It was the best relationship I've ever been in and I didn't know that a relationship could be so good. NOTHING was wrong with it what so ever.

Then she kind of stops talking to me, stops staying the night then says she wants to go on a break so she can focus on school. I over reacted a bit and we didn't talk for about a week. Now it's official that we're broken up, she doesn't seem to care at all and she doesn't want to talk with me about any of it. I don't think she's with another guy at all, but she does seem to talk to her friends alot, so she apparently has time for that.

Deep down I know that in a few months she's probably going to come running back to me, because that's how it always works, and I don't really know what to do if this does happen. The way she seemed to turn her undying love for me off in an instance makes me think I would have no relationship security what so ever. Maybe she was tired of me. Maybe she really couldn't concentrate with me on her mind. I don't really know. Like most girls, she doesn't give a straight answer so it leaves you forever wondering. I do still love her, I think about her all the time, and every day I wake up I have to remind myself that she's not in my life anymore. It's getting easier, but I know that there probably won't be another relationship as good as what I had with her, and after being with some of the sexiest girls on the planet, that's really all I want anymore.

Already there are girls that are texting me shit like "heyy" which whenever you see extended letters like that it means "I'm ready for you to dump cum all over me." but as lonely as it is right now, I don't want any skanks at the moment. I'm taking this time to better myself, save up some money and hopefully get back into school.

I'm trying to not be a pussy, I haven't cried or anything, and I'm not going to be a faggot about any of it, but I mainly posted here because I haven't talked to anyone else about it IRL. All of my friends and family thought we were such a cute and perfect couple that I wouldn't know how to tell them that it's over.

So, advice? Thoughts? Insults?

[EDIT] posting this somewhere and getting it off my chest has helped a little. I suggest anyone else going through the same thing to do so as well.
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