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I am a proud owner of Splatterhouse tennis shoes. I cannot for the life of me understand why they made these (except as an exceptionally bad idea tie in for the xbox 360 game) but I am so happy to own them. Even have little metal masks sewn into the sides. Blood splatters as well, of course.

Anyway, I love this series. I had the original on (and still have) turbo graphixs 16. was the only reason to own that system to me.

Played the Grafitti famicom version on a nester disc emulator years later, and absolutely love it. It's almost a perfect game. One of my favourite "nintendo" games ever actually. So good I wish I would of had it when I was playing nintendo in the old days.

Never did get to play 2 or 3. But the greatest thing about Splatterhouse 2010 is that it has all three of the (main, not grafiti) games as playable extras!

So now I get ot enjoy the brutal love of playing 2 and 3 through, without having to track down the original cartridges (though I may do it anyway to be a complitest.)

Thanks for this review. Much needed awesome horror awesome for October.
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