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I like being surprised but these are the kinds of things I've been trying to collect without much success.

Any titles or things reviewed on this site
Any interesting buttons (movies, music, tv, preferable older ones)
Any interesting looking albums on vinyl or cassingles
Any interesting looking magazines (old and new)
Any horror movie novelizations, books, toys, action figures, dolls, etc
Any unopened boxes of trading cards/POGS (Movie, TV, Music Related)
Any weird or interesting VHS, Laserdisc, Beta tapes, DVD's or Blu-Ray (Preferably VHS Laser or Blu)
Any weird or interesting toys, action figures, dolls from the the 90s and older
Any Pee-wee's Playhouse related stuff
Any Video Store Promotional items
Shirt Size XXL
More Ideas Here
One free Halloween mix everyday in October!

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