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He said he loved the food but he said Seoul stunk. What is your opinion on the stinkiness of soul?

I think what your cousin was referring to was the kimchee that they cook over there. For those who don't know kimchee is kind of a spicy vegitable that they use with a lot of dishes when it's raw it has a hint of spice to the smell, however when it is cooked it smells terrible. My first night in Seoul when I stepped out of my hotel onto the streets I got a good wiff of what smelt like someone literally taking a shit accross the street. Turns out my friend told me it was the kimchee being cooked at the resteraunt nearby. I never wanted to try kimchee and I dont know mabey I'm being a bit harsh on the smell but it sure was harsh on my sense of smell. No way I was prepared for that.
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