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Originally Posted by MeowMixMaster View Post
Soooooooooo many memories flooding back to me thanks guys!

Like I told you before its like being in another world over there and they definately do Christmas big. It's fortunate that you and Re decided to go this time of year because in the summertime it's nothing but a 3 month long monsoon season. Talk about rain 24/7. Anyway I loved the toys and wax figures that you all took. On a personal note I hope you enjoyed all the chicken and ramen that Seoul had plenty of to provide you two. Oh and I hope you steered clear of the kimchee.

Anyways thanks again for sharing these photos with us and bringing back memories for me personally.
Glad you enjoyed the photos! And yeah, we totally went at the right time and lucked out with the weather. It didn't rain on us once and it wasn't nearly as cold as I had expected it would be for most of the trip. And yeah, the chicken was delicious, but I didn't go near the kimchee heheh.

Originally Posted by PreApocalyptica View Post
Also also I lost my shit at the photo booth creations, especially the one with Wonder Turd.
Thanks. We tried to work in that poop graphic whenever one of the photo booths had it as an option. They seriously love poop in South Korea and find it hilarious. There are even street vendors selling pastries and other treats that are shaped like heaping piles of poo. Crazy.

Originally Posted by Fathom Zero View Post
Crunky is delicious. An Asian market nearby has some. I always make sure to pick up a couple when I go for my noodles.
Absolutely. I brought back a full box with me so some friends and family can try it out.

Originally Posted by The_Punk_Hippie View Post
How hard was it to get around & whatnot when you couldn't read the signs or speak the language (I assume you couldn't, feel free to bitchslap some sense into me if I'm wrong XD)
Not at all actually - almost every sign you read has a subtitle written in English. It was extremely easy to get around on the subway system (which is easily the best one I've ever been on btw), and many of the people we encountered spoke some rudimentary English. Granted, there were some encounters where the language barrier made communication difficult, but for the most part, we really didn't have any trouble getting around or talking with people.

Originally Posted by HowardC View Post
Fantastic pics, thanks for sharing!

I take exception to the comments about the superior christmas lights though. Nobody does it like we do here in the good old "U" "S" of "A" Yeah those are some impressive lights... put together buy large companies and such.
No problemo, glad you enjoyed 'em. And yes, most of those light displays were done by big companies of course... but South Korea is known for going nuts (or "bonkers") over Christmas, so I'm sure they have some amazing displays outside of Seoul too. Some individual homes in the US are incredible, and we visited a house in the 'burbs a few years back that nearly blinded us it was so bright, but the companies went way overboard in Seoul and I loved every bit of it. Just wait 'til you see the video I took at Lotte World too. That article should be up later in the month.

Originally Posted by J. Tithonus Pednaud View Post
Great memories. Spent a lot of time in Korea and I miss those crazy days.
Also, Milkus is the greatest drink known to man.
Seriously! I'm tempted to pour it on my cereal, it's so damn good. A friend of mine already picked up two big bottles for me from a local Korean grocery store. I'm addicted.

Originally Posted by replicant View Post
I have always wanted to go to S. Korea. My cousin was living there with his wife (as she was in the military). He said he loved the food but he said Seoul stunk. What is your opinion on the stinkiness of soul? BTW, skin food makes lovely facial scrubs. :D
Can't say the food was stinky where we went, but there were some sewers on the city streets every now 'n then that smelled awful. I mean really awful... like a C.H.U.D. baby died in the bog of everlasting stench down there or something. But those were only once in a while... the rest of the trip had no stench.
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