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I just finished Judy Cornwell's (Mrs. Claus') autobiography, Adventures of a Jelly Baby, and while she doesn't really go too in-depth with her work on this movie, there are a couple of interesting anecdotes.

I guess during the "snowstorm" scene the fans were blowing the plastic snow into their mouths while they were trying to talk and damn near choked them.

Dudley Moore's dressing room was opposite hers and every morning he ate a huge dinner, then ate increasingly smaller meals throughout the day, as a means of staying thin. He was presented as odd, but affable.

On David Huddleston's birthday during filming, Dudley Moore hired a stripper and hid her amongst the elves to surprise him.

Between takes, elves shouted at her to show them her boobs.

At the end of filming, Dudley Moore told her he respected her because she could appreciate a good fart joke, and gave her a mix tape of fart sounds. Because her agent was being strict about getting a cut of everything, she made him a copy of the tape but didn't tell him what it was. He put it in while driving through a crowd with the windows open and reportedly "never forgave" her.
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