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It was more or less the same. The Kids' costume store and the haunted house prop store weren't open yet, so I didn't get to check those- just went in the five and dime and the adult costume store. They were still gearing up for the season so it wasn't decked out in its full splendor.

The five and dime had a few elements missing- the animal masks were gone this time, I didn't see any "titty beads", and the Halloween Illusions demo machine was gone. The eyeball punch was still there and most other things were unchanged. They had a new display of those decals you put on top of toilets to make it look like spiders or snakes are crawling out of them. They were selling limited-edition diecut brass enameled Foy's storefront Christmas ornaments at the register for $20.

It looked as if they had cleaned up the toy section a little, which was disappointing for me because you used to be able to peer at the under-counter shelves and see all sorts of neglected 80s delights (like the Balzac I mentioned in the other thread). I didn't see a single WTFbus.
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