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Don't get me started on how stupid that entire episode was.

Ignoring the fact that out of the millions of people in NY, somebody would have probably noticed Lady Liberty in front of a apartment complex, the whole "paradox" wasn't much of a paradox now was it?

He couldn't go back in time and get them because they saw their names on a tombstone? WTF? They are time travelers! Even assuming that made up rule was true, what's to say that they didn't both live to a ripe old age of 100 and then the Doctor drops them back in 30's NY on their death bed. Oh I forgot, he can't go back to that time period anymore. Ok, so I dunno, go rescue them a month later?

If you want people to leave the show, why not just have them leave the show.... no reason to make up some stupid convoluted reason for it.

I remember back in the day when their was some actual science in Dr. Who, the SCIFI series.
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