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This has long been one of my favorite articles here, since it works so well both as a fun article in and of itself and as a great defense of one of the most unfairly maligned sequels ever! I'm totally in agreement with Mister Tea's comparison to Temple of Doom; in both cases, I watched them long after the initial hype and expectations, and since I knew that the perfect lightning-in-a-bottle mix of the first movies couldn't be recaptured, I just enjoyed them for what they were. And if GB2 had deviated more from the template of the first movie, as Temple of Doom did, it would've gotten criticized for being too different in structure. It's also much like On Her Majesty's Secret Service, in that most people didn't see it when it came out, and then just assumed it was bad since everyone else already seemed to assume it was a bad entry.

The animated GIFs are always a highlight of these movie articles, but there's a particularly great bounty in this article. All the endlessly looping images go to show just how many striking and novel moving images are packed into GB2! It'd be cool to make one of those long animated GIFs that summarize an entire movie in pixelated form, especially since the creator of a popular GIF of the first Ghostbusters vowed to never do one for GB2.
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