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That isn't exactly what I was getting at... my point was that the wrestling community DOES tend to go to extremes with their political views. I didn't mean to start a political discussion... but since you did....

There was nothing wrong with being a Republican.. until Nixon got elected. Since then the united states has become a one party system. It has been especially polarizing these last few years. There are issues that are unavoidable and really only have one choice of action (to deal with them in some way) as of late, like the lack of tax revenue, the energy/pollution crisis, ect... and I would say that the republican party was a perfectly valid one if they offered alternative solutions to these problems than the ones the Democrats offer (which admittedly are sometimes flawed). What they actually do though is refute proven scientific evidence or statistical data and pretend that many of these issues don't exist or that the problem lies in another area. They do this because fixing these problems would cost a lot of money often their own, and to the wealthy republican, nothing is more important than money.

Now poor republicans I have sympathy for them, but then again they are voting for the wrong guys and their situation might improve if they elected representation that actually cared about poor people.

So it's not a "white hat, black hat" situation, it's a "living in reality, living in a fantasy world" one. It's a nice thought to think that our political system is still fair and balanced enough to where we can pick and choose representatives based on their merits, but the reality is that the two parties no longer work together, so we better always vote all one way so that they have the majority.

One of the reasons the country is at a stand-still right now is because they were stupid enough to elect a democratic president and a republican congress. That doesn't work. The only guy that ever really worked for in the modern history of the country is Bill Clinton, and that's because he's Bill Clinton.

I'm not pro-democrat btw... far from it. Their incompetance in regards to getting things past over the last few years is frustrating and it stems from the idea that you share, that the parties should compromise. I'm just anti-republican. Doing nothing is far less harmful than doing the wrong thing.

I"m absolutely not trying to anger you or anyone else, rather I'm trying to wake them up. You talk about balance and I completely agree with that. The problem is people still think it's the 70's/80's when moderate republican politicans existed. Now they are as rare as a white rhino and have no pull in the party what is left is a ultra right wing majority that's too far to the right to be practical for anyone. On the other hand there are a wide range of democrats going from republian-like conservative to ultra liberal. The solution is to dissolve the republican party and split the democratic party into various parties.
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