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I completely agree with this review. I'm a fan of the old series, and I was more than a little unnerved with all the bad reviews. But when I watched it, that all melted away and I really enjoyed it. Steve Carell is great (as he usually is), and I also loved David Ketridontknowhowtospellit as Larabee (he's a funny guy; outside The Comebacks at least). While it didn't capture the feel of the series as much as it could've, it was still a very funny summer film.

And proto, you really should check out the original series. It's classic humor, with the great Don Adams giving birth to a whole slew of catchphrases and wonderfully quirky gadgets. Throw in the fact that it was created and written by Mel Brooks, and you've got gold. I've never actually seen it on TV (I'm sure it's on somewhere), but you can rent (or buy!) the entire series on DVD now. Give it a watch sometime (if you had to pick just one episode, make it the Olympics one, it's one of the best).
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