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Originally Posted by Renenet View Post
[long-winded post]

Wait, is this a troll or a real whining person? I.. I just can't tell anymore.

Fucking internet.

On the off-chance that you are an actual person who got offended, let me just say that fan-fiction can be extremely well-written, well-honed pieces of creative work. That does not mean that you're not a complete dork for writing it. If you write your own, unofficial, posted-on-geocities fiction set in other creators' continuities, then a) you need to maybe learn to create your own universe instead of mediocre derivative work that doesn't usually fit with the style of whatever it is you're putting yourself into , and b) you're writing FAN FICTION, stop taking yourself so goddamned seriously. People like you are the reason fanfic writers get made fun of; self-serious jackasses that can't take a joke. Same with furries and trekkies and... well, frankly, any nerd that can't laugh at the fact that they like nerdy shit.

If you are a troll, however.. Well played, I guess; pretty entertaining stuff.

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