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Originally Posted by Renenet View Post
A friend sent me a link to the above "editorial", telling me how she found it funny at first and then got offended at the end because of this:

Although the name of this site clearly tells the audience what you people here spend your time on, I'd just like to add the real, acutal, completely and totally LOWEST OF THEM ALL - is a person (and I use that term loosely) who puts down other people just because they have different interests.

You're a very sad person, Protoclown, and I hope someone mocks you publicly in the face every day for the rest of your life.

(a fanfic writer, and proud of it)
Oh SNAP, I just got fucking TOLD
Can you be the one to mock me publicly, Rentanet? Cuz that would be awesome. Hell, I'd even pay you. Not much, but I'd pay you to follow me around and dish out some "quips".
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