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Oh man, this is great. Just earlier this week I was at a little community silent auction, and they had a Halloween "mystery bag" (it was one of those garbage bags to see with a jack o lantern face on them.) 12.50 was the current bid, but damnit I wanted the mystery bag! I kept on bidding and by the end of the day I was the bags proud owner (as well as 16bucks poorer) the contents of the bag however more than made up for it.

I've seen these go for a buck in dollar stores, but i still like this little guy. He gives off sort of a "frozen in carbonite" vibe, and thatís good enough for me.

Again seen these in dollar stores. At this point I as feeling ripped off, but candy is candy, and I dig the packaging.

Now this was worth every penny I paid. This mask is big, beautiful, and doesnít have that overpowered plastic smell, so many other masks have.

And here we get a little sneak peek into dragon face's private life. Nothing he likes more than sitting down and watching horror movies with a big bucket of eyeballs.
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