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its funny because within the mental health system its known that they have no fucking idea how the medicine works or what effects it will have or if it will even help. Its sort of like a shot in the dark where if it works, it works, so they keep doing it.

I think its becoming like a cultural thing. I know this lady that was basically a legal drug addict who basically pretended to have all kinds of illnesses so she could get drugs or whatever. Eventually her shitty lifestyle led her to have real problems so now she gets all kinds of hardcore drugs. Anyway, one of her kids was SAD about some shit so of course immediately she medicates her with anti-depressants. And it was being sad that like one person didnt like her in school or some stupid shit that normally parents just like have a talk with their kid and tell them THATS LIFE. But no she had to be medicated
one of her kids felt "LEFT OUT" cause she didn't get any pills, so her mom started giving her heartburn medication ;/ wtf? Are you TRYING TO RAISE DRUG ADDICTS?

not as relevant but this same person also smoked cigarettes while her child was in her wombbecause she heard that it will make them SMALLer and so it would be easier for her to have the child. that child has crazy ridiculous hardcore annoying ADHD. I hate her also she thinks she is a wonderful mother and frowns on ANY PERSON that smokes pot or does drugs.

man i could talk for ages about this stupid lady ;/
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