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Old Jan 15th, 2006, 02:06 PM        Re: A Post-Structuralist Explaination of My Philosophy

In my previous attempt to expound on my philosophy, I found myself dwelling too much on the specifics when what I wanted analyzed was the basic essentials.

Using post-structuralism, I feel that I can more adequate discuss the fundamental nature of my thought. And there is but one central tenet.

I must deconstruct myself.

In eliminating the hierarchies and assumptions of my thoughts, I am left only with perceptions. Perceptions cannot be deconstructed; they are not thoughts or concepts, they simply are. It is only through initial deconstruction that I might reconstruct a new set of abstractions which better relate to phenomenon; deconstruction and reconstruction thereby become constant processes employed not to find higher truth, but to create a more adequate system by which to attain my ends.

Yet there is no grand metastructure which is ideal for all persons; ideal construction rests purely on the individual experience, if it be true that others experience at all. Any common ground in the deconstructive and reconstructive operations amongst individuals are coincidental.

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