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Originally Posted by Kulturkampf
And so you basically say:

"The closest thing to truth of ourselves which cannot be deconstructed is our perceptions."

"Truth is perception."

"There are many perceptions."

"There are many truths."

Is that what you are saying? I am not sure.

Seems, then, like there is no such thing as right or wrong.
Perceptions are true in that they exist as perceptions. Anything beyond the perceptual is still unknowable. I'm arguing that we have to deconstruct our assumptions in order to create a more pragmatic structure for thoughts.

In reality, I am not a true post-structuralist. My own views on linguistic matters are a mixture of structuralism, post-structuralism, and humanism. I feel that structures do not dictate our ways of thinking, but yet I do not deny that they play a critical influence on thought. Hence, the removal of the structural influence and return to the essential, perception, and formation of more accurate abstracts are emphasized in my views.
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