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Originally Posted by Kulturkampf
And so perception is as close as we can get to truth, and we are supposed to break down our perceptions to come up with more true thoughts?

Why do you bother having opinions if the world is just different perceptions, and neither is inherently right or wrong, being that the truth is unknowable?
Perceptions are truths unto themselves, and what lies beyond them we cannot approach. We are supposed to break down are preconceptions, assumptions, and dogmas and return to perception so as to see the inherent flaws of our structures of thought.

Take sexuality, for example. The very concepts of heterosexuality and homosexuality have become oppressive, since we drift towards conformity with a sexuality in order to feel normal and achieve solidarity. Only by taking sexual feelings as they come will we end the mindless self-suppression of our age and truly liberate ourselves.

This process of deconstruction can be applied to a wide number of social constructs, such as race, ethnicity, class, morality, and so on.

Once we recognize the implied values impressed by structures, we may begin to rebuild them in a value-free manner. The concepts of heterosexuality and homosexuality, for example, yet remain, but the oppression has been removed by putting them in a new context.

Ultimately, what I am advocating is an individual experience, but certainly a wide circle of deconstructionist advocates will inspire more introspection than a lone man on a messageboard.

And this is where I think I may find purpose in life.
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