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The problem with this, Choclete factory and anything else Burton seems to get his hands on is that he is a one trick pony. Take [Plot] add [Hot Topic marketable character] make the senary all spiraly and spikey. Possibly make a character WACKY and ZANY.

And lets be honest, Alice didnt need that, it was already and insane dream world, with incredible visuals and outstandingly charming characters, but no, put the hatter as one of the main characters, that'll sell lots of merch.

I hear that Burton is Unique all the damn time but the fact is he hasnt been unique or "new" since Nightmare before Christmas, every single movie he has done since has just cribbed off of the visual styles of that movie because it made him 8 squillian dollars.

Its like saying Micheal Bay is a groundbreaking new thinking kinda guy because his movies have blowing up stuff.
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