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"The hefty amount of introductory text doesn't do justice to the curious party of mute girl, annoying fairy, and one-eyed man with giant sword and arm cannon."


Mute Girl = Link
Annoying Fairly = Navi
Giant Arm Cannon = Samus

Way to be original and "out there" guys.

Seriously though, I finally caved into the DC hype a few years ago and bought one at a yard sale. I've played most of the games on this list and most of them are "meh" at best.

Now one might say "Yeah but you bought it years later, so of course they aren't going to be as fun." That would be valid except for the fact that I can pull any of my favorites out of my nintendo library, from NES to Wii and they are still fun to play. This is why ultimately Sega fell out of the console market... they make good games, but to survive you need to make great games with an occasional outstanding game.

I'm not knocking the DC btw... just the selection above. I obviously haven't went through the whole library, but thus far, nothing has been terribly outstanding.

I won't deny that some of them are genre defining titles mind you, it's just that they are all genres that I HATE and have ruined modern gaming for me. Shenmue lead to GTA which is garbage and 30 other GTA clones, which are watered-down copies of garbage. Power Stone lead to the horrible non-fighter that is Smash Bros. Soul Caliber lead to the 3d, modern fighter, which lead to superficial series like DOA. Space Channel 5 lead to dance games (UGH!!!)

Rez is cool though, I like Rez. So there's one.
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