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i love the dreamcast :< it could output vga natively an honestly made a lot of ps2 games look like crap. the world just wasn't ready i guess. if you have a dreamcast and don't have a vga box for it then get one instantly, it is a whole new universe of stunning 480p :O although now that i'm looking the price has really gone up on those things, maybe you'll wanna wire one up yourself.

some games i liked that haven't yet been mentioned here

mars matrix: hyper solid shooting
soul reaver
san franciso rush 2049
gauntlet legends
ecco: defender of the future

things that are less fun or totally ruined for lack of online support -

quake 3 arena
alien front online
speed devils online
worms armageddon
bomberman online

i actually purchased my original dreamcast in anticipation of chakan 2 :<
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