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This is my first entry...but it won't be the last...fear not my grammar.

The 1-2-3-Ninja!

Born a monster and ugly as hell, Harry Burrito was a little misfit who was raised while forced to have his face covered. Be became a ninja as the only logic step to monsterdom. We don't exactly know which was that logic, but it seemed O.K. back then.
After a submarine accident, his face became normal and suddenly he found himself accepted by other and could walk around with his face uncovered.
Thankful for his fate, he decided to walk among men and killed everybody whose height was an even number. Since he didn't wear his ninja outfit all the time, he devised a fast way to become a Ninja in few seconds without having to enter a telephone booth or use a daltonic taylor.
Since then he calls himself the 1-2-3-Ninja, while his victims normally call him "Aaargh".

He shows us here the fast method to become a Ninja in a glimpse of an eye, or anything that glimpses.

The 1-2-3-Ninja can be frequently seen carrying plastic elvish weapons or stroking little furry creatures with mauve scarfs.
But if your height ends in an even number (always in cm. godammit) then you better run, for you're his target now, and his coming to get you.