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OK, my first entry is done.


Pedro Manuel "El Pinta" Ramírez Sandoval was born in New York, Venezuela on April 23rd, 1975. Since his kindergarten years, he was the happiest kid on town. All he did was smile all day long and play with his happy little friends. He grew up as a normal kid, and, like every normal kid, he became a teenager. In his teenage years he enjoyed several different hobbies and had a great inclination towards art, he attended Señora Putita's Art School and did a three years course. One day, after his graduation, Young Pedro and his friends went to the supermarket. As every 13 year old boy would, he realized he wanted to achieve his special dream on a special day, so he, immediately, grabbed a watermelon, cut it in a half and started to have sexual intercourse with it. It became an addiction, Young Pedro bought a watermelon every two days and used one half everyday for his evil deeds. He lived like that for two years. One day, a fairy came to aid him while he was sleeping, she said "Oh, dirty little Pedro! If you don't stop having sex with watermelons you will be cursed by the god of fruits". Young Pedro laughed and thought it was part of his imagination. The next day he decided he would not only have sex with one half, but the entire watermelon, after that, he rested in his bedroom. Suddenly, his skin started to turn yellowish and he heard a mighty voice that said "PEDRO! I'M THE GOD OF FRUITS! YOU DISOBEYED ME, PEDRO! THOUSANDS OF YEARS OF DAMNATION DESCEND UPON YOU!", and as fast as a turtle, Young Pedro was no longer a normal human and became a grapefruit-skinned man (in the time known as the worst fruit ever created). In order to hide his shame, he decided to cover his face with different fruits and vegetables. He wanted to avenge his disgrace. He decided that for the rest of eternity, he would track down and kill every watermelon sower in the world.


PS: I made the mask with the following ingredients:
-Grapefruit skin for the base.
-A plum for the eyes (split in a half).
-Two physalis for the pupils.
-A pepper for the nose. Also used in the eyebrows and mustache.
-A slice of tomato for the mouth.
-Onion for the bags under the eyes.

Oh, also, excuse my crappy English if you find any mistake.

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