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Great article. I didn't read this story myself (I dropped ASM once 'Back in Black' was over because the Mephisto Fix was rumored looooong before the issue came out), but it is truly silly and Joe's comments since the release of the story reek of "This is for my own personal enjoyment, okay? Who cares what the readers want and like?" Not to mention the infamous "It's magic, we don't have to explain it" line now.

I truly hope Brand New Day fails (sadly, I'm sure it'll initially have great sales thanks to shock and controversy) because maybe we can finally get The Q outta office. He's done some good things as EiC, but he's also done some very stupid things to overshadow all the positives he's brought (Sins Past--which was fully endorsed by Joe and it was he who actually made Norman the father, no more smoking, etc...).

And yeah, MJ's whispering to Mephisto is such an escape plan for when this blows up in their face (not that it hasn't already).
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