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Welcome to "The World's Only Mothman Museum", which is exactly what it says on all of the signs, so it must be true:

It's essentially a long room that is plastered floor to ceiling with newspaper articles, the original draft of The Mothman Prophecies, clothing and other small things from the bridge disaster and associated rescue personnel, assorted Mothman stuff like this...

And, seemingly most importantly, anything and everything that ever came anywhere near Richard Gere and/or Debra Messing during the making of the film version of The Mothman Prophecies. I'm serious.

There's all kinds of prop stuff...breakaway glass, chunks of fake styrofoam bridge asphalt, cake plates and napkin dispensers, stuff like that. The movie wasn't filmed here, but it was loosely about here and somehow they got hold of the stuff.

The movie wasn't the only claim to fame, though. Televisions around the room played "Unsolved Mysteries" and other shows that went over the Mothman story on loops. There was an "AV Room" where people could watch documentaries, a TV playing "rare footage" of the Silver Bridge Collapse, and props from MonsterQuest here and there:

There was also this giant quilt that seems to be based on the same version of Mothman the chrome statue depicts:

Most importantly, though, was what I'm going to call "Mothmerchandise". If you could picture it with two red eyes, it was for sale. I'll throw a few examples on here in the next post.
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