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The Mothman Pancakes are something I'd heard about and had to try. I mean, look at this logo. You're like, what Mystery Machine?

When I saw they had t-shirts of that logo, you better believe I bought one. Unfortunately, I missed the Mothman Pancake eating contest, and I really would have loved to have gotten pictures of that. But here is the notorious Mothman Pancake booth, the purveyors of the most coveted item at the Mothman Festival. Note smashed mothballs in the foreground.

I was sure that a Mothman Pancake would have two red cherries for eyes, and I was surprised that it didn't. It was a Mothman-shaped pancake, possibly made on a special griddle, with a T-shaped squirt of whipped cream. The eyes were banana chips, with small slices of twizzler. I didn't realize one of the twizzlers slipped when I took the picture, but you get the idea.

It's a design that would translate well to men's novelty briefs, don't you think?
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