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Originally Posted by Mockery
Originally Posted by Jamesman
That would have been all good and fine if it wasn't intended to be a horror film. :/
I don't know a single person that went into that movie expecting a "horror" movie. Nor do I think that the film-makers really thought of it as such either. Those movies are totally comedic, which is why they make the deaths so hysterical.
Exactly. I saw it expecting some good kills and plenty of cheesiness and it delivered. The last two halloween movies were supposed to be good but they were so horrible I can't even watch em now. Still though...jason x did have it's moments where I shuddered at the lameness of it. Cheesy kills rule, but one liners from the meat? No. Just no

And fuck you guys. Hellraiser: Bloodlines wasn't bad. It was a lot better than part 3....ugh. Keep in mind that most of bloodlines wasn't set in space. But pinhead was never a traditional slasher anyway. Freddy and jason could never make chains rip people apart with a mere nod in their direction

That was very funny. Well done.
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