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Well Skull, you are obviously a cowardly bit of scuttling vomit, but that doesn't mean everyone else is a well.
I never said I WOULDN'T go. If I was called upon, I'll go. I legally have to anyway, right? But to get serious for a moment, we all know that if Bruce Willis does join the Army, and he goes and gets killed in Iraq, no problem, he's got MORE than enough money, and Demi Moore does as well, that his children have nothing to worry about, save admittedly losing their father.

On the other hand, my mother and my sister rely on me to a point. I moved out but they still can't do too well for themselves (She has heart problems that hamper her from working full time and making livable wages) and my sister is only 16, she;s working her ass off to make sure she gets into a good college so she doesn't need the added stress of being required to get a job. So that leaves me. She can more or less cover her bills but she needs help getting groceries. Which is where I come in. I make more than enough to keep myself fed and sheltered without making an insane amount of money, but no one else helps them. She can't apply for disability because they'd actually be getting LESS money, and if something were to happen to ME, my whole immediate family suffers and not just because I die.

Do you see my point now? Of course, if I could go overseas and KNOW I would come back alive, it wouldn't be a huge deal (save that my mom and sister might go a little hungry while I'm gone).

I'm not trying to make this into a sob story or pity story, I just think that you can't call me a coward without justification, and I'm showing you that there is no basis of justification in calling me a coward. Quite actually, I think I'd be a coward if I WASN'T helping my family out when needed. So save your harsh words for someone who is anti-war simply because they ARE cowardish.
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