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"The conclusions drawn are that while the Greeks regarded homosexuality in general to be natural, normal and salutary, their actual practices were circumscribed by cultural norms."

From wikipedia.

The aeschines "Quote" he delivered has absolutely no sources online.

The results

I'm not saying it's untrue, but what the fuck? All the sources are gay haters it would seem, kind of impartial. Where's the actual text? I checked wikipedia, i checked on a few philosophy sites that usually have everything... nothing.

The place he likely copy and pasted the bulk of his argument from

More quotes from wikipedia:
"Dover extensively quotes from the records of the trial to demonstrate, among other things, that while the Athenians attached no stigma to homosexuality, per se, they did adhere to certain conventions; in this case, that no citizen could be permitted to sell his sexual favors, which they regarded as the proper function of a slave, not a free man."

So impartial.

The one thing we can gather from his article is that he supports pedophilia.
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